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Postmortem: No Credit, No Problem!

Things went pretty good during my second Ludum Dare game jam.   I did have hard time nailing down what I wanted to do for the “You are the Monster” theme, though.  Friday night I was brainstorming skeleton armies, serial killers and even a combo of both!   It wasn’t until Saturday morning when my wife and […]

Boom Boat now free forever on iOS!

The original Boom Boat is free forever on the iOS App store:   http://www.razoric.com/app/boom-boat/ Boom Boat 2 is now only 99 cents!  http://www.razoric.com/app/boom-boat-2/ Enjoy!

My Results for Ludum Dare 30

The voting has ended for the Ludum Dare 30 (Game Jam) and the results for my game, Notes from a Mad Mage, are in!     Considering the amount of entries there were I’m pleased with the results.  I’m especially happy with getting into the top 25 of the “Fun” category because, as I said […]

Making the Mad Mage – Becoming a Better Designer

Notes from a Mad Mage is my Ludum Dare 30 entry.  It features a fireball throwing mage who is trying to escape a dungeon.  Whenever you die a ghost is created that mimics the motions of the last game you played.  These ghosts stack over the course of fifteen lives and you need to use them […]

New Game: Notes from a Mad Mage

Ludum Dare (to give a game) is a game jam where you have to make a game in 48 or 72 hours.  I opted for the 72 hour jam since I didn’t think I could pull the game off in 48 hours and I could use outside sources for help (music, sound effects, etc) whereas […]

Boom Boat 2 now playable on the web!

Boom Boat 2 is available on the following web game portals:   Newgrounds.com – Kongregate.com – GameJolt.com For a fun experiment I submitted Boom Boat 2 to several web game portals over the weekend.    It’ll be great getting feedback from a new audience and taking valid critiques into account as I’m working on new projects. [h2]Boom […]