Boom Boat

An unknown menace is lurking at the bottom of the sea. Cold, ruthless and calculating they slowly plan for the world's ultimate destruction. We have only one hope left...

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4.5 stars on App Store

Boom BoatApp Store4.5

Physics Based Puzzle Gameplay

Drop bombs, detonate explosives, cause chain reactions… use physics to your advantage to blow up the oil gushers! Boom Boat features 60 levels with three challenge objectives per level, 35 Game Center achievements and 2 Game Center leaderboards.

Epic Story

Oil gushers are everywhere, the world economy is in shambles and we have only one hope. Boom Boat will take you on a journey from the tropics to the arctic. Nowhere is save and everyone is counting on you. Seal the gushers and stop the menace before it’s too late!


There are a lot of games on the App Store that attempt to use tilt controls in their games, but few are able to enhance the gameplay experience with them like Boom Boat does.

Boom Boat solves the oil crisis with the power of physics, and bombs. Lots of bombs. It’s attractive fun and its star system will scratch an itch that completing Angry Birds left behind.