The brainchild of Rob Foor, has been digitally entertaining us for over a decade through irreverence and mirth.

Early History began in May of 2000.  In the early days, inspired by online animations such as the infamous Napster Bad cartoon, the Rob made Flash cartoons which were submitted to Newgrounds, a submission portal where would-be animators submitted their works to be ranked and reviewed.  Over time’s focus transitioned from Flash cartoon parodies to original Flash games.  Played and viewed by hundreds of thousands of gamers over the years, creations of note include Burger Defense and Text 4 Dead.  Much of this early work can still be found on sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate.  Some of the better known Razoric animated classics can be found here.

Mobile Games jumped on the smartphone gaming boom with two mobile games, Boom Boat and Boom Boat 2, which have been downloaded over 250,000 iPhone gamers.

Whats Going on Now?
Current projects include doing game jams, HTML5 games, mobile games and Steam.

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